Fashion / Jewelry

Noritamy is a jewelry label that reflects the fascinating encounter of fashion and architecture. Designed by jeweler Tammar Edelman and architect Elinor Avni, the label brings about the modern in a classic way. The collection reflects on the eternal debate between these two trades, with dramatic, finessed pieces.

Dana Bloom is honorary graduate of Shenkar college of Engineering and Design, in the department of jewelry design, Ramat-Gan, Israel 2006. In 2007 received her Master of arts in design from the Creative Academy in Milan, Italy. After finishing her studies in Italy she worked as a jewelry designer at Cartier, French jeweler and watchmaker, Paris.

Gal Shenfeld Krasowski

Born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1986. Graduated at the Fashion Design Department of the Shenkar School of Design in 2011.

Michal Teharlev

In my work, I try to rejuvenate the traditional hand-weaving techniques and the use of different textiles, to combine them with the roughness and industrial materials such as metals and plastics. All pieces try to explore the contrast between hard and soft, new and old, hi-tech and low-tech, light and heavy, matte and polished.

Galy Shwartz

Galy Shwartz’s jewelries are unique, different and sophisticated. The jewels she create are made of original, self developed materials which are the result of research and experiments. They undergo different processes in which she makes use of a variety of techniques. In her various collections one can find small and classic items as well as large and complex Statement pieces.

Itai Mintz

A passion for industrial design, graphic design and a profound attraction to fashion are the tree milestones of the brand. Mintz finds strength and exitement in inovation, creating powerful objects that give observer the feeling of a kick in the stomach. While maintaining the classic use of accessories, there is a personal signature that fulfills a "Muse Have" role in every look.

Rimma Romano

Rimma Romano's collection was designed in her unique style and through her personal perspective on the female persona. She presents a collection that bears her name, which drew inspiration from the worlds of music, people, women, fabrics and people watching in cities around the world (especially in Europe).

I have started the brand “JEN” during my first year in “Shenkar College of Engineering and Design”. I was taking a part in a T-market, it’s a cool T-shirt festival, that giving a stage to the young fashion and graphic designers.There were my first T-shirts that I made for sale. And for my big surprise, those T-shirts were out of stock after 2 first hours of the festival! I run home and was sewing the all night long.

By Tamara Salem is a studio for the design of custom women’s clothing. Most of its garments are one of a kind, built around antique lace and other traditional textiles gathered from all over the world.

Tamara Salem, a former television director, studied fashion design in Tel Aviv and then interned with renowned fashion designer Victor Bellaish. She opened her studio in 2013.

Mark Goldenberg

Personally, I think that any profession in the world that’s being done with passion, and a sense of purpose, could easily transform and inspire people. I remember it was Orpah Winfrey who once said she lives for the moment when someone says to her: “ I never thought of it that way before.”