Evelina Khromchenko

Evelina Khromtchenko is one of the most powerful persons in fashion world, a journalist, TV-host and a famous in USA and Europe writer. Every day at 10.55 p.m. Evelina hosts “Modniy Prigovor” TV show (“Fashion Verdict”) on Russian Channel One and was included in Top25 popular Russian TV-hosts list according to TNS Russia. Starting from 2010 and till 2013 Evelina Khromtchenko was Les Editions Jalou Paris International Editorial director. In 2013 she created an authors workshop at the MSU Faculty of Journalism and led the thematic module “Fashion and lifestyle journalism” for the Bachelor’s programme.

Ziva Koort
Head of the Historical and Administrative Archive, Curator and Senior Lecturer

I will speak about Fashion in Israel - from the beginning of the 20th century and about Textile Designs - About the collaboration of Tel Aviv Museum with the department of Textile Design in Shenkar College

The aim was to develop new, original textile materials, which will allow for expressive effects through properties such as softness, stiffness, transparency, colorfulness, flexibility and various kinds of texture. Shenkar students design avant-garde clothing items, inspired by twentieth century works of art exhibited in the Moshe and Sara Mayer Collection and in the Mizne-Blumental Collection of Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Daniel Zamir

Daniel Zamir is probably one of the most influencial and busy musicians in Israel. Zamir is a virtuoso sax player / composer of what could be defined as “Jewish Jazz”, fusing together elements of Jewish sounds and high quality jazz, together with ethnic and world music elements. Zamir (32) won the 2010 Prime Minister Award for outstanding jazz composers, the youngest musician ever to win the prestigious award.